Giving visibility to the research carried out


A research initiative launched through the collaboration of an academic institution and industry has the advantage of ensuring the neutrality and scientific rigour of the studies carried out, as well as their practical relevance.

The conversation / Economy - 18/5/2021

"Three savings alternatives to prepare for retirement"

Pisos.com / Opinión. Sector inmobiliario y estabilidad financiera - 7/4/2021

The risk of a financial crisis induces by real estate  is really small

Mutualidad Abogacía - 30/03/2021

Laura Núñez-Letamendia and Jose María Palomares talks about Resilience / vulnerability of Spanish households in the face of COVID-19

Ethic - 15/02/2021

Savings in a turbulent time

Madrid Directo / TM3 - 1/2/2021

Laura Nuñez Letamendia: "Spain needs to promote a culture of responsible saving"

Fundspeople - 20/I/2021

Spain is one of the european countries with the greatest inequality in financial savings

El Economista - 30/12/2020

What are going to look like the investments with the most potential in 2021?

Estrella Digital / Tribune - 27/12/2020

There is an urgent need to promote savings culture in Spain

Capital Madrid / Business and financial information - 22/12/2020

Pandemic uncovers the fragility of Spanish households

Futuro a fondo / Trends - 17/12/2020

30% of households face the COVID-19 crisis with savings of less than one month of the average salary

El País - 17/12/2020

One in three families reached the pandemic with less than 2,200 euros saved

RNE, Programa "Solamente una vez" - 17/7/2020, "Los viernes, pasta" con Yolanda Berdasco

We all need to do some financial planning to save money

Muy Segura - 2/07/2020

José María Palomares and Laura Núñez (Household Savings Observatory): "The point is to make society aware of the need to improve the culture of saving".

Cinco Días - 17/06/2020

There is an urgent need to promote a culture of responsible saving in Spain.  Spaniards save in crisis rather than in good times. We need fiscal and monetary policies that promote rational finances.

Agencia de noticias EUROPA PRESS - 13/05/2020

Economy - Fundación Mutualidad Abogacía and Fundación IE launch the "Household Savings Observatory”.