The household savings observatory is set up to be a reference in the study of trends, behaviour and problems relating to the saving and investment of the population.


“Pension plans after the pandemic”

Webinar about the current challenges of the pension system, with the participation of the IE Household  Savings Observatory and the Fundación Mutualidad Abogacía along with other speakers Organized by BBVA and Expansion.Thursday, June 24, 2021. 10 h.View

Panel of experts: “Households in the post-covid era: How they should save and what they should invest in”

We invite you, next May 19 at 4:00 pm, to attend the online panel “Households in the post-covid era: How they should save and what they should invest in”. We will analyse the behaviour and attitude of households towards savings and investment, before and during the pandemic, delving into investment products and vehicles. Formalize your […]

I Household Savings Observatory Award for the best journalistic work. Call for entries open until April 26 2021

Journalists and information professionals within the national scope, who submit works of their authorship, related to financial planning and household savings, in national media, may participate. Works must have been published or broadcast between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2020, inclusive, in any of the newspapers, magazines, digital publications, television channels or radio stations […]

One in three Spanish families reached the pandemic with less than 2,200 euros saved

A report from the Spanish newspaper El Pais summarises the main conclusions of the study we have carried out on savings in Spanish and European households. Not only do we save little, but we save badly. Financial planning is absent from our lives, a mistake that ends up affecting us sooner or later. You can […]

Join the virtual debate “A common challenge: Financial Education”

Monday, October 5th         9:30 to 11:00 am  We will have the participation of leading experts from the financial sector: Fernando Tejada, Director of the Department of Market Conduct and Claims of the Banco de España. Mª Aránzazu del Valle, Secretary General of UNESPA.  Marco Trombetta, profesor de IE Business School y editor jefe del Journal of Accounting […]

Fundación Mutualidad Abogacía and the IE Foundation launch The Household Savings Observatory

The main objective is to make Spanish society aware of the need to improve the culture of savings and financial planning, and to serve as a lever for change. It also seeks to provide valuable instruments and knowledge to help financial institutions and authorities to adopt the appropriate actions to encourage savings by Spanish households.